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Gods are alive !

Updated: Jul 21

What a great way to officially publish some of my work! Let's start with the beginning of humans on earth, through two poems. Last winter, I wrote these texts to jam with a friend. It's usually hard for me to show my work but hey, I believe in ancestors and Gods. They went through life for a reason. I also think we are probably next. Life is an experience and to stay on earth, you need some unseen guidance.

© Capucine Moyroud

The Moon is awake The moon is awake Here we are, these slow nights

where nothing is happening

The void is deep and consistent Fears are electric sounds in my ears I can’t sleep, so i look at the moon The silence of a monday is harsh Voices of insecurities are screaming Fears ain’t shit but i fell deeply in it Morphée, Are u there My childhood nightmares are back, You, messenger of gods, Are u there The visions of old soulmates are killing me What is the message tonight I couldn’t turn off the lights I’m scared of the dark again

The moon is finally falling asleep, I can join you Morphée, Now, the sun is awake and my demons are burning

Peace, peace, peace, finally.

Cloud I’m the one who called the gods, Using myself to expose the lords Tell me how it is to touch my cloud Tell me how it is to shine through me

Tell me how it is to drink yourself to death

‘cause now, you have the clout Losing yourself, laughing hard at Earth

Screaming words to touch the Left

Communiste avant l’heure Can you taste the power in your mouth

Follow me, Oh please, follow me, But do not look back,

‘cause you’ll lose the love of all, looking at the clouds with clear eyes. Realizing your clout is made of haze, No Mortals are disappearing now, Euredice, mirror of your soul is now gone. And this artificial love too. Poor you, mon chéri, all alone.

Princesse F.

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